Ancient Indian ruins in the four corners area:

Here you will find references to several of the ruins located in the four corners area of New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona which I have visited. I will continue to add sites as I get the opportunity.

Hisatsinom (Anasazi) era ruins (300-1300 AD)

Aztec Ruins in Aztec, NM is a huge ruin assocated with Chaco.
Canyon de Chelly located in Norteast Arizona in the Navajo Nation
Chimney Rock, high on a mountain in Southwest Colorado
Hovenweep National Monument with towers and castles.
Lowry Pueblo Ruins located north of Cortez, CO.
Mesa Verde is the most well known of all the ruins.
Navajo National Monument has large clift dwellings
Ute Mountain Tribal Park cliff dwellings
Twin Angels is part of the Chaco Canyon System

Pueblitos of Dinetah (ancient Navajo Pueblos)

Frances Canyon, the largest of the Gobernador ruins.
Citadel Ruin and Gould Pass Ruin are in good condition.
Hooded Site Ruin is unusal due to its hooded fireplace.
Pork Chop Pass Ruin and other Largo sites
Old Fort, near Three Corn
Truby's Tower has three rooms on a boulder
Largo School Ruin overlooking the old school house
Shaft House, precariously located on a canyon wall.
Simon Canyon, near Navajo Lake is a small isolated ruin.
Split Rock Ruin near Tapicito
Tapicito Ruin is unprotected located on an open shelf.
Three Corn, a unique ruin with 13 rooms located high on a rock
Crow Canyon Rock Art and Pueblitos
Delgadito Canyon and surrounding area.

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Fight Vandalism. Cultural resources need your help. Join the fight to protect artifacts and sites by reporting acts of theft or vandalism. Provide all the information you can as to time, location, license plate number, descriptions, etc. No amount of information is too little. Sometimes a single clue will lead to the arrest and conviction of a thief or vandal. Do not attempt ot confront or apprehend the violator. Leave this to professional law enforcement personnel.

If you see or know of any vandalism to cultural resources contact the nearest law enforcement or Crime Stoppers number.

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