Crow Canyon Rock Art

Crow Canyon is one of the many canyons in Northwest New Mexico. This canyon, primarily known for the rock art also has several ruins in the immediate area. The Petroglyphs are quite numerous and very impressive. Anybody that can help with the narrative that explains any of the drawings is invited to send me e-mail.

"The figure with the large headdress and a circular head (the top most picture on the page) is thought to be the Navajo deity called Monsterslayer, who rid the earth of monsters so that it would be safe for humankind. Monsterslayer is often depicted with his twin brother Born of Water in rock art. We belived that figure to be Monsterslayer because of his resemblance to the same god in modern Navajo sand paintings. With Navajo rock art, male figures have round heads, and female have short heads. In addition, the figure has a large feather or headdress similar to the one seen in the Monsterslayer sand paintings. In addition, the figure is holding a recurved bow of the type used by the Apachean and Navajo peoples, which also tells us that the figure is of Navajo origin." (Information provided by Tim W. Mietty)

This one really is interesting to me. What are the guys on horse back? Are they the spanish waving thier swords (or guns) in the air?

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